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Our Process

How We Do What We Do

We use a proprietary process to uncover hidden flaws, discover critical facts, and minimize unnecessary risks. Our approach is to continue to educate and always provide the best service to our clients. Our process involves a few unique steps designed to meet your goals.  Our clients are part of our extended family. Therefore, our relationships are built on trust and whether we are a good fit for each other. 

1. Discovery

The sole purpose of our initial meeting is getting to know one another. Only in that way can we focus on your specific needs, values and goals to determine what your investment capital can do for you.

2. Diagnostic

Next, we gather and analyze your financial information to understand your current plan. Once reviewed, together we will decide if a fit exists.

3. Solutions Presentation

We will develop a high-level Financial Lifestyle Diagnostic where we review the components and rationale of your plan.

4. Implement Solutions

During this phase, we being implementing your Financial Lifestyle Diagnostic while continuing our education to ensure you have financial clarity. We will maintain constant communication to make this process quick and easy for you.

5. Collaborative Monitor

We monitor your accounts on a regular basis so that, when necessary, we will update an existing strategy or develop a new one to ensure it is still performing in a way that meets your goals. In this way, we can ensure we are always adapting to your needs in an ever-changing world.

<strong>You NEED a 2nd Opinion About Your Money!</strong>

You NEED a 2nd Opinion About Your Money!

At Olympus Capital, we pride ourselves on providing holistic advice that seeks to deliver a great experience for you, those you support, and any who stand to inherit the wealth you have worked so hard to build over the course of your life.

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